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I'm a Sales Directors from SRI5000, a division in SLP Realty Pte Ltd, CEA Reg No. R005427I. I'm a member of the developer sales team. My Mobile no is 9844 5000. Feel free to Call/SMS for any enquiries. Welcome Co-broke !

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

100% Sold !!

We are 100% sold!! However if you are still keen in this EC, do contact me to check for the periodic release of rejected units. Rejected units are hard to come by and are taken up very quickly. Do express your interest in advance !!

Monday, October 3, 2011

We are over 90% sold !!

Shortly after the annoucement of revised income ceiling for all EC projects launched before the 14th of Aug, Riverparc Residence remaining units were quickly snapped up by previously unqualified buyers who were sandwiched between the $10k-$12k income ceiling. Last count as of the 3rd of Oct 2011, we are left with a total of 11 units, comprises of 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom compact and 4 bedroom types. Most stacks are sold out and we have no more available high level units.

Do call me @ 91891412 if you want to find out more about the units availability for Riverparc Residence. Do not hesitate, units are selling out FAST.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New $12k Income Ceiling Applicable to all EC projects.

It was announced by MND yesterday that with immediate effect, all existing EC projects will fall under the new income ceiling guideline of  household income under $12K. Previously, this new income ceiling guideline was only applicable to EC projects launched after the 15th of August 2011. As a result, we are very excited and happy to announce that Riverparc Residence is now open to all buyers under the household income of $12K.

image source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_712764.html

At Riverparc showflat, our joy was greeted with the return of buyers who previously don't qualify under the old guideline of $10k but are currently applicable due to this change. As a result, we are currently 90%  sold at Riverparc Residence with more sold out stacks with limited choice units for 4 bedroom and 2 bedroom types still available. Our 3 compacts are selling really fast now especially after the 3+U is completely sold out save a roof terrace unit.

If you are interested to know more about this project, do not hesitate to call me @ 91891412 to enquire. Hurry before all your choices are gone .... :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival @ Riverparc Residence

About 1 month since launch and we are about 80% sold !! To celebrate the success for Riverparc Residence , the developer Qing Jian, had organised a Mid-Autumn Festival Party last sunday @ Riverparc Residence showflat. Riverparc residences buyers and the weekend walk-in clients were in for a treat last weekend. Kids were entertained by the balloon sculpting clown, a talking robot and games!! On the side there was face painting booth, clay figure sculpting, instant photo booths and a buffet dinner line for all present. Everyone, from the young to old were entertained and it was a great party. If you missed this party, do join in for the next party when the developer organises one again !! Look out for Riverparc Residence full page advertisement in the papers for future events/promotions.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Phase 1 Booking is OVER !! Walk in Selection commence on the 30th of July!

Phase 1 booking for pre registered clients who had previously done their e application is over. More then 50% of the units were booked over the last 2 days. Showflat is currently closed again and will reopen on the 30th of July. We are pleased with the result despite the recent annoucement on mass BTO launches all over Singapore and the global economic situations which had trigger some concerns amoung clients initially. However, we are very pleased with the overall strong client interest and confidence in the Riverparc Parc project. For those clients who had decided to miss their queue or decided to adopt a wait and see approach for the 30th walk in selection period, we hope to see you again and hopefully your choice units are still be available for your selection. Price may not stay the same through the whole sales period, so you might want to make a decision asap :) Below is the summary of available unit as of 6pm on the 24th of July 2011.

Typical units sold out stacks:
-Stack 15, Stack 20, Stack 23

Stacks with 6 or lesser Typical units left:
-Stack5, Stack7, Stack8, Stack9, Stack10, Stack13, Stack14, Stack16, Stack19, Stack27, Stack 28

Available Patio aka Ground Floor units:
-Stack 1, Stack3, Stack7, Stack9, Stack10, Stack11, Stack12, Stack17, Stack19, Stack21, Stack23,
Stack 26

Available Roof Terrace units:
-Stack2, Stack3, Stack11, Stack14, Stack15, Stack17, Stack20, Stack 21, Stack22, Stack23, Stack 25, Stack26, Stack27, Stack28

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Booking Week....

This is the start of booking week. Customers are expected to return to the showflat at their appointment time slot to book a unit. Appointment and queue no slots are available on the website http://www.riverparc.sg/. If you had previously submitted an eapplication for Riverparc, you will have a booking appointment time. All my cilents had been informed of their appointment slots and I've duely followed up with them individually. Though it's a tedious task to follow up with each one of them personally, but I feel that it's a necessary obligation as an agent to carry out due diligence in cilent follow up. I'm glad that most of my cilents had responsed positively to my calls and I'm trying my best to speed up booking process on their behalf.

Show flat will be open by invitation only on the 20th and 21st of July, from 9am to 7pm, for eapp cilents to view the showflat and model again before booking day. Booking days are the 23rd and 24th of July, Saturday and Sunday and entrance to the show flat is strictly limited to cilents with invitation letters. As the appointment slots are computer generated, I have quite a number of clashes in appointment slots, with as many as 5 cilents scheduled at the same time slot. :( Looking forward to the pending craziness at the showflat this weekend...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ballot Results are Released!!

The ballot results for Riverparc Residence are released! You can check your queue no. from here:


There are a total of 1017 applicants assigned to a queue no. Good Luck!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

E Application phase is over ....

A Big Thank You to all my cilents who had signed up with me. E Application for Riverparc was finally closed on the 5th of July. We had more then a 1000 interested applications and are very encouraged by the number of interested cilents. SLP is the co developer of Riverparc Residence not just another property marketing agency. Therefore, it will makes better sense to secure your deals through a SLP agent. We will definately do our best to deliever all our promises to you as we do not make empty promises..... :)

For those of you who had missed out on the E Application phase, do not be despair, do contact me to find out more about how you can still come back to book a unit at Riverparc.

Check back for more upcoming updates....  

Monday, July 4, 2011

E Application Launch !! 1st - 5th of July 2011

Tomorrow is the last day for e-application of Riverparc Residence EC. E-application is free and there is not obligiations even if you decide not to go ahead and book a unit at the end of the day. Here's the process for the E-Application:

1)Fill up the E App form
2)Register with us @ the showflat
3)Wait for releease of balloting results on the 16th of July
4a)Come back to view and book a unit on the 23rd-24th of July
4b)Return on the 30th of July onwards for walk in selection if you ae unable to obtain a queue no from the balloting.

The showflat was jam packed yesterday and there is a good crowd of buyers daily. Check out the picture below to see how pack the place was. It was simply a total madness for the past days @ the showflat. Do call me if you decide to proceed with an application for the balloting round .... Remember, FREE IPAD2 for every successful purchaser of a unit through SLP Empire


Friday, June 24, 2011

Last Weekend Road Show for Riverparc Residence

This weekend is the final roadshow weekend for Riverparc Residence prior to launch.  I will be there from 5pm onwards this Saturday and Sunday. Prior to that I will be stationed at the showflat site from 2pm to 5pm.  Look out for us, the agents from SLP in our purple polo T-Shirts. We have the latest floorplans and information direct from Developer as SLP is not only the developer's marketing agency, we are also CO-DEVELOPERS of this developement. Ask for me, Serena Chan when you are there. Do call me @ 91891412 if you wish to enquire more about this project or if you wish to fix an appt with me. Thanks.

Approximate location of our Roadshow Tent @ The Punggol Riverwalk. Our Red Tent will be located between Friendzie and Xian Seafood Resturants.

  Approximate Location of the site of our showflat. Look out for our Red Tent Along Punggol Drive with agents in Purple Polo T-Shirt from SLP.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Copy Cat Agents

This post is meant for any agents that intend to copy any part of this blog. I've put in alot of effort and time in setting up this blog as a resource/reference source for the marketing of the Riverparc Residence EC. It's extremely disturbing to see a replica of my a blog entry on another agent's website, layout, WORDS and pictures. Please agents, if you see anything you like here please create your own original piece of work. Taking ideas is ok but plagiarising one's work is certainly a big NO.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Roadshow: The Riverwalk @ Punggol East

My team and I from SLP Empire had a roadshow for Riverparc Residence at The Riverwalk @ Punggol East last weekend. We had great fun and met up with many of you. We will like to thank all of you who had signed up with us last weekend. For those who had missed out, come visit us this weekend at the Riverwalk from 12noon - 8pm on the 24th -25th of June 2011. We will be there to answer to any queries you have about this EC. Do call me to make an appointment in advance so that I can look out for you... See Ya !!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pre Launch Marketing Activities

Our Team from SLP Real Estate Empire have been out and about, trying our very best to reach out to all of you. Do approach us for a friendly chat if you see us "camping" infront of the yet-to-be-launched showflat or distributing flyers in Punggol. So be it Riverparc Residence or if you wish to sell your property etc, we are a bunch of friendly agents that will try to answer all your queries regarding real estate.

If you are keen and want to know more about this EC project, please call me at 91891412 to enquire or you may registered your interest here

Important Dates to Note

Here are the important dates to note for Riverparc Residence:

1st to 5th July - E-Application
16th July - E-Application Results
23rd - 24th July - E-App Eligible & Approved customers booking days
25th to 29th July - Showflat Closed
30th July onwards - Showflat Open for booking to public.

Interested cilents (1st timer, 2nd timers) please take note of the above dates. Please mark the above dates in your calendar and make an appt with me prior to your visit to the show flat.

For 2nd timers, if you are not selected for the 1st round of booking on the 23rd -24th of July, do not be disappointed, please join us again when the showflat opens for booking on the 30th of July onwards....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Updated Sitemap and Unit Types

Just updated the Sitemap page with a more detailed layout of the developement. Also updated the unit types and their respective sizes in the same Sitemap Page

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Video Slideshow of Riverparc Residence

Roadshow @ Nex Megamall

We are holding a roadshow @ nex mega mall on the 11/6/2010. I will be there from 12noon to 8pm. Do drop by if you wish to check out more about the project . Please call me to let me know that you will be dropping by.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Estimated Launch and PSF of Riverparc Residence

I've received a number of calls since I've started to add this blog to my property guru listings enquiring about the launch date and price. The launch is estimated to be on the 1st week of July and the estimated PSF is an average of $650psf - $680psf.

Do call me or sms on 91891412 if you wish to be added to my Riverparc Residence Cilent Contact list to be updated on all first hand information that I receive as part of the Developer's sales team. Please indicate the following in your email/sms:

-Are you are 1st timer / 2nd timer
-Which bedroom type are you interested in. We have 2, 3 and 4 bdrm types.

Feel free to contact me. I will be glad to answers all your questions. Hope to hear from you soon :)


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Riverwalk @ Punggol East

I was at Sengkang last Sunday for a resale appointment and thought that I should drop by Punggol East to check out the new Riverwalk vacinity which I've blogged about previously in the Punggol 21+  post. I'm a eastener/westener Singaporean so I'm really clueless when it comes to places like Punggol, to me it seems like a extremely remote corner of Singapore :) Nevertheless, I was pleasently surprise at what I saw and experienced there.

The Riverwalk @ Punggol East was a family recreation area where the whole family can hang out to spend some quality time together. It's pretty unspoilt natural surroundings, rustic, breezy and green is exactly the kind of place that one can hardly find in Singapore. Slated to be a up and coming "next east coast" I do see the potential in that place in years to come. Kids were busy buliding sand castles at the sand pit, parents exercising at near by fitness corners, grand parents sitting on benches enjoying that natural breeze and taking in the scenery. There are fast food joints, eateries and chill out places as well. It is truely a family-oriented location that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

With all that coastal recreational developement planned to happen along the coast line of Punggol, it's certainly a nice change of environment to return from the concrete jungle that we face at work and in the city. Having a chance to live next to such a natural recreational environment makes living in Punggol East a unique opportunity for you and your family. This make Riverparc Residence the obvious choice compared to the other ECs, for you and your family to reside in. Call me @ 91891412 to register your interest for this project.  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Punggol, The Waterfront Town of the 21st Century

Post Referenced From: http://heartland.hdb.gov.sg/shapingpunggol.html

Punggol, a former sleepy farming and fishing village, will soon be transformed into a "Waterfront Town of the 21st Century" through HDB’s Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) plans. Known as the Punggol 21 Plus plan, it is a long term estate revitalisation plan unveiled by Prime Minster Lee HsienLoong in 2007. Punggol is set to be revitalized with proposed town centre, sports complex, town park and waterway with waterfont promenades.

My Waterway@Punggol:

Sungei Punggol and Sungei Serangoon was dam up to serve as a reservoir and joined via a man-made waterway, 4.2 kilometre long, 20-30-metre wide. This freshwater lake will run through the estate, linking both rivers. Upon completion, it will boast of recreational facilities like water sports for kayaking and canoeing, gardens and parks with jogging and cycling tracks, rooftop gardens, eateries for al-fresco dining and a floating island. My Waterway construction had been completed in 2010. Residents of Punggol can now look forward to enjoying various recreational activities, ranging from water sports to a leisurely walk along the landscaped promenade on both banks of the waterway.



Punggol Promenade, a 5km public waterfont promenade connects the Punggol Point activity cluster aka activity cluster 1 to the Punggol East activity cluster aka activity cluster 2. Punggol Point activity cluster will consist of activities such as horse riding centres, outward bound campsites, fish farms as well as F&B facilities. Punggol East activity cluster will host activties such as a golf driving range, community sports, recreational facilities, plant nursery and proposed F&B.

The newly opened portion of the $16.7-million Punggol Promenade, The Riverside walk (part of the Punggol Point activity cluster), is a result of 2 years of construction since groundbreaking in 2009. The Riverside Walk features exercise stations, designated cycling and jogging tracks and lookout points that allow visitors to get closer to the water. Two other zones, the Nature Walk and Punggol Point Walk, are expected to open later in the year.

For nature lovers, the Lorong Halus Wetland, a biodiversity haven for flora and funa, is accessible via a pedestrian bridge across sungei serangoon. Lorong Halus Wetland was previously part of a landfill. Neverthless, it has been converted into an educational site and aims to be a sanctuary for plants, birds and other wildlife

A Different Town Centre:

A new Punggol Town Square will be introduced at the upcoming Town Centre. Occupying about 0.4 hectare to the north-east of the sale site, it is envisaged to be a vibrant gathering space for community activities catering to Punggol residents. The activities could include a Town Day, National Day celebrations, community exhibitions and roadshows. A Visitors’ Centre showcasing the history and development of Punggol town will also be built within the Town Square.

My Punggol Video:

The video below will summerise all the changes that will take place in Punggol according to tghe Punggol21+ plan, creating a true waterfront town of the 21st century.